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Basic Service Package

As an international student, you may think about studying in China but don't know where to start, Ni Hao China offers a “Basic Service Package” for only US$50. You can enjoy our personalized, professional and efficient services. With this package you can apply for five universities at most, save time, money and start directly applying.
 Basic Service Package
Ni Hao China Admission Service Team provides you Basic Application Service which includes:
1. An introduction to Chinese universities & programs, scholarships, provinces & cities, costs of studying in China and other things you should know before applying;
2. Ni Hao China has an accurate, updated database up to thousands of courses and programs, which makes it easy for students to make a choice in comparison. Based on your requirements, financial status and your city preference, our consultant will give you personalized advice to choose the best university & program for you;
3. An introduction to the application requirements, schedule and process. Answering all your questions and giving a free advice on studying in China for each individual on each step of the process.
4. Develop an effective strategy and start applying;
5. Assistance with filling up the application form, uploading all the documents needed, and reviewing your application documents before sending it to the university. We will proofread and polish your application. We will make sure everything is right in your documents. Our consultant will guide and inform you if there is anything to correct, in advance.
6. Sending documents to the preferred universities and recommending you to the admission officers;
7. Updating you on your application status efficiently;
8. Re-confirm your posting address with you to ensure that you can get your originals by post mail, once we get the admission documents from the university. Our consultant will send the admission letter and JW202 form to students for free through DHL, UPS, or FedEx to ensure the fastest express package service so it reaches the students within the shortest amount of time.
1. You can take part in the Entrance Examination of certain Chinese universities in our Regional Examination Center if you are in south-east counties. It can save money, time and much convenient for you to pass the entrance examination. The score is one year valid and admitted by certain Chinese universities. (Entrance Examination Fee: 100 USD).
2. If you need our Recommendation Letter Service, Study Plan Service or Documents Translation Service, please mention it to your consultant.
Ni Hao China Student Care Service Team provides you Basic Student Care Service Package which includes:
1. Accommodation Reservation;
2. Facilitating your application for Student Visa;
3. Helping you with your Pre-departure (Pre-departure Guidebook which includes foreigner physical examination, money affairs and luggage preparation);
4. Achieving the School Registration (Registration Guidebook, with guidelines concerning about your start and new life in China, which includes registration on campus, police registration, residence permit, foreigner physical examination and insurance);
1. "Basic Service Package" provides students with opportunity for applying to Ni Hao China Outstanding Student Scholarship in order to bring more and more academically gifted students to express their potential in China.
2. In general, it only takes 1-3 weeks to receive your Admission Letter.
3. Please note you will still need to pay the application fee charged by universities for applying (normally between $65-$150 USD).
4. If you need a personalized, one on one, face-to-face communication service with a consultant, an Admission-Guaranteed, Dorm-Guaranteed, and Airport Pick-up Services with many more benefits provided, then you might consider choosing Ni Hao China Priority Service Package, which is specially tailored for your own needs and desires and can make your educational journey in China even easier, smoother and more successful.
Service Fee: 50 USD
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