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More Opportunities, Better Career
Why China About Application & Costs Enjoy China Internships and Jobs in China Learning Chinese

Top Reasons Why You Should Study in China

1. Vibrant Economy with Various Job Opportunities
A vibrant and prosperous economy, with numerous Job Opportunities. China has contributed 30% to the Global Economic Growth, over 1,300,000 jobs were created in 2018 when the world job market is still weak.
Studying in China will help you to stand out and offers you an advantage, as Chinese language, which will distinguish your resume in job hunting.
The technological progress which runs the economy will impress you and give you advantages you’ve never known about before.
2. High R&D (Research and Development) Funding
 The Forefront of Innovation and Technologies. Chinese expenditure on research and development leads the country on the 2nd place in the world. While the GFY (Google, Facebook and YouTube) rule in other parts of the world, it is great time you get to know the rising giants, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent), which rock in China.
It is more than the acquisition of language, it is all about an understanding how China overtakes technological giant and becomes the world’s tech center from another perspective. All those new apps, concepts and systems will make you seek for job opportunities and business ideas. We do not see any solid reason why you should not come to China and start building your own business network.
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3. An Ideal Place to Launch Your Academic Endeavors
China is now Asia’s educational center and one of the top 3 global countries to choose for studying, with numbers rising each year.
The Chinese universities are catching up and aiming at the best, with their International Rankings rapidly moving up, and a large choice of top universities in China increasing.
The cost-effectiveness of studying in China says it all, with its low living expenses and tuition fees, but high education quality. You will not get crushed by the burden of student debt, which compare to other countries, students are still paying off even after graduation!   
No language barriers to worry about as there are over 2,000 university courses taught in English in China!
4. Amazing Culture and History
China has a history of over 5000 years and was for a long period of time the leading economy in the world, and was home to scientists and inventions such as paper, gunpowder, printing and the compass during ancient times.
Tour around the country and trace the roots of the civilization.
Uncover the hidden secrets of China's economic miracles.
Understand how politics run and how society is built.
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5. Incredible Food
At the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing: delicious Chinese food that smooths your mind and soul.
Meat-lovers, vegetarians, Halal food eaters, fans of Jewish cuisine, western-styled food lovers, or fans of traditional Asian delicacies can enjoy it all in China.
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6. Safety Comes First!
NO Gun Violence;
NO Drug Abuse;
NO Shoplifting or Robbing;
NO Cholera Outbreak or other Terrifying Contagious Germs;
YES, You Can feel free to take a relaxing walk, go out with friends at night and have fun (even if you are a female because it’s totally safe);
YES, You Can Feel free to travel around the country, visit anywhere you want, and enjoy every province’ unique food;
YES, You Can also enjoy riding a bicycle, or purchase an electrical bike. Unfortunately, sport bikes and motorcycles are prohibited by universities’ regulations.
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