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More Opportunities, Better Career

Ni Hao China Education Consulting Co., Ltd

Ni Hao China is one of the leading agencies offering top-notch educational consulting services, tailored to the specific needs of students passionate about studying in China. Our vision is to establish a strong bridge of trust between a student and university.

Who Are We Looking for?

People who take on the highest challenges of our customers and who convince us and our customers with their commitment, skills and personal capabilities.

You are the right person if :

You can adapt easily to new situations and like dealing with challenging topics; You are looking for chances to develop and long-term perspectives are appealing to you.


Do not bother to come if you are only looking for a regular clock-watcher-like job with Ni Hao China. We need open-minded, ambitious people who are passionate about making a change not just in their lives, but also in other people‘s lives.


  • 1. Management Trainee
  • 2. Regional Marketing Manager
  • 3. Application Service Consultant
  • 4. Web Designer/Production
  • 5. Network Engineer
  • 6. Human Resources Assistant
  • 7. Finance/Accounting Assistant
  • 8. Secretary
  • 9. General Office Clerk
Qualifications for Management Trainee,Regional Marketing Manager, Application Service Consultant
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Excellent written and spoken English;
3. Excellent communications skill;
4. Outgoing personality and strong sense of responsibility;
5. Use of innovations and knowledge to solve problems.
If you are interested in joining our excellent team, please send your application letter and CV in English or Chinese to: nihaochina@vip.163.com, we shall contact you in a short period of time.


Cooperating with many universities, Ni Hao China is authorized as internship base for Chinese and international students. Come and join us here in our headquarter in Beijing and branch in Guangzhou to explore the rising business and broaden your horizon.

1. You shall be able to work in an environment of culture diversity.

2. Do not worry, you will get paid for your excellent work. 2000 RMB per month minimum.

3. Flexible work schedules for part timers. You will have no difficulty balancing the work and your personal life.

4. A certificate of internship will be issued together with a letter of reference after the completion of your work with Ni Hao China.

If you are interested in joining our excellent team, please send your application letter and CV in English or Chinese to: nihaochina@vip.163.com, we shall contact you if you are shortlisted.

To be our partner

Our agency is a win-win business cooperation because the foundation of education industry is the bridge between student and university, that’s why it’s important for us to cooperate with Chinese universities and other agencies to improve.
We also want to cooperate with other local agencies in overseas countries because our service is everything to us and we want to give you the best service we can that's why we are hiring to recruit even more international students and provide a better service.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any co-operations with Ni Hao China. The goal is to solve the problem, find the solution and make everybody succeed, this is our company’s orientation.
Contact us by email nihaochina@vip.163.com or call +86 010-84610285.
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