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Learning Chinese

The first step on your journey to study in China would be learning Chinese before you’ve arrived. This is a helpful move because more comfortable you feel with Chinese language, more comfortable you will feel in the environment where this language is spoken.
There are many other reasons to learn Chinese, and one of them is that you can understand Chinese culture and people better. Communicating with Chinese speakers opens so many pathways in business, travelling, career and lifestyle.
When you are in your country:
1. Some Chinese universities are offering 1-on-1 online Chinese Skype classes, which is a convenient way to start learning Chinese language in your country before coming to China.
2. Another option can be the Free Online Chinese course on BUSUU.
3. You can also find some local Chinese language programs in your country.
When you are in China:
1. You are able to take language courses at your University, or you can go to a local private language school.
2. Finding a Chinese friend as a language partner is a great way to improve your Chinese and his or her English because you can speak to him or her in Chinese and he or she can answer you in English. It’s a win-win for both of you. 
3. Finding a private teacher might be another solution because there are many Chinese teachers who are looking for students.
If you haven’t started learning Chinese before your arrival to China no worries because there are many Chinese language programs offered. You can choose an intensive Chinese course or a short-term one. In both of them you will start from HSK 1 (Chinese Proficiency Test) and by the time you’ve finished the course you should possess at least HSK 4, which is a minimal requirement for studying bachelor’s degree in Chinese university. At first, it might seem difficult because it will take some of your time and effort, writing one-character multiple times, learning grammar and working on your pronunciation. Step by step you can achieve your goal. 
Don’t be afraid to make your first steps towards learning Chinese because beginners will often realize that they can get to some level in Chinese quickly, and to master it isn’t as hard as it might seem to be, but it just takes time and effort. The grammar and tenses are quite simple, which gives you a quick start. Don’t forget if learning Chinese would be that easy, then everybody would do it!