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Internships and Jobs in China

Internships and Jobs in China
Most universities in China require every international student majoring in bachelor programs to undertake 120 hours of internship in any company relating to their major of studies. Some students start to look for internships and jobs while they are still studying.
Usually most students combine their course work with internships in their third and fourth year as a part time job while some prefer to undertake theirs during the summer break. The earlier you start to think about it the better. It seems a lot of work at first, but you can also complete it in your country during summer when you go back.
It is also your responsibility and goal after graduation to find an internship or job in China because it can enormously help your career. There is a legislation about internships in China for international students and it is your responsibility to check the requirements and assure to get a permission from your university. Ni Hao China will help you to achieve the goal! 
Ni Hao China advises that you can search for opportunities of jobs and internships through the following ways: 
1. We have many connections with Chinese top companies and universities who will recommend opportunities for jobs and internships to us and we will update all of them in our official website (www.nihaochina.com.cn), blog and social media;
2. Attend job fairs and networking events, which is highly recommended;
3. Ask your university professors or directors of the university program, because they will have industry links and can introduce you to the right people;
4. Asking friends;
5. Try contacting companies yourself. 
Some internships in China will be unpaid, and some internships you will have to pay the company to do your internship. And some internships the company will pay you for some little expenses to cover your costs. A lot of students want to have an internship at the top Chinese companies like Huawei, Dou Yin, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Lenovo and many others and those companies also prefer to hire international students because of their English language, culture and ideas.
 Internships and jobs in China can help you to expand your network. It is a priceless experience because you learn new skills, work in business environment with Chinese people, get to know them better and improve your Chinese. After training you can easily put it on your resume which will incredibly increase your rate of acceptance at another job.
Finding a job in China for an international student with a bachelor degree and demanded major is what both sides want because after you went for an interview and a company liked your resume, level of Chinese and the major, they can offer you a job. It means they will provide you with a working visa, salary and in some cases even the accommodation.