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Study Plan Service

A study plan is your introduction to the admission committee and should convey who you are and why you want to study at this institution. It determines your highlight points of either it’s your educational, personal or career achievement. While reviewing your study plan, the admission committee is looking to understand your origins and intentions to your life’s goals. It’s the main point of your application.
A study plan is an essential piece of creative writing, which puts a ‘human face’ on your application. Remember that the committee does not know you and this is your opportunity to let them know who you are, how you have involved yourself at the different stages in your life, why you want to pursue your goals and why this university is the University for you to achieve them. The text you shall present is pure marketing; a way of selling yourself to the institution you want to be a part of.
A study plan is:
A picture: Your personal essay should produce a picture of you as a person, student, and a potential scholarship winner.
An invitation: The readers are invited to get to know you, personally.
An indication of your priorities and judgment.
A story or more precisely, your story: Be creative, everyone has a story to tell but we are not all-natural storytellers. It requires serious self-reflection.
A study plan is NOT:
An academic paper with you as the subject;
A resume in a narrative form;
A journal entry;
A plea or justification for the scholarship.
Ni Hao China Admission Service Team has already helped hundreds of applicants to finish their study plan, and achieve a big success. We strongly recommend you to choose our study plan service which will make your application more competitive because we will highlight various aspects that the admission committee will be looking for. We will polish and proofread it to make an impressive impact on the admission officer which will guarantee you an enrollment and a scholarship.
Service Fee: 30 USD.
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If you require any assistance or have any questions about payment please contact us and our consultant can answer your questions.
If you believe you can finish the study plan by yourself, there are some helpful tips for you:
1. Explain your reasons for wanting to study the course.
First of all, ask yourself “Why China?” While this question might seem to you too dull and simple, it is actually the main component of your whole essay. What is it that attracts you about China? Is it the language, the food, or the culture? Or do you have perspectives of building economic ties with the world’s second largest economy? Think about it since your whole essay will based on how you answer those questions.
Start early to write and plan your time out well. A study plan will need many drafts of writing. First, unwrap all your ideas and write them down on the paper. Talk about what you wish to gain from this experience. There will be plenty of time to organize and edit. Chinese people have straight forward personalities, so you might want to start from the beginning by indicating what you are expecting from the whole adventure. Some might want to get fluent in Chinese, and some come to explore the culture, but no matter what your ideas and intentions are, write them down and try to be specific about them.
2. Explain how and why you are the right person to fit in the environment and courses of an institution.
After you briefly introduce your intentions and goals, it’s time to let them know why they should enroll you. Why is it you who is the right person from millions foreigners applying? Make a list of everything you have done such as research papers, experiences, activities, memorable events. Don’t forget to write down examples from your personal experience and background. Choose parts of your list, which will serve as building blocks of your essay. The people who would be reading your essay will usually be either an admission tutor, a supervisor or a coordinator. Let them know why you want to attend classes in that particular field and in that particular institution. Is the program notable for any specialty? How did you learn about the course? Who have you spoken to about the field? What special skills do you have to offer? Share your ideas with family, friends, faculty, and the graduate school advisor to help decide what aspects will make the most effective essay for you. You cannot reveal everything in 200, 400, 800 words. You must decide what personal characteristics you would like to emphasize in your statement. It is a good idea to research about the university and program you are applying for and add any information to show that you have done your research.
3. Explain why all you mentioned before is relevant to your course and to your chosen career.
Talk about the long term plan. Mention your long-term goals and how it all is going to work out. It will show your individuality and imagination. If you are not sure yet, then just talk about what you are looking forward to at a university and what you want to gain from it.
4. Drafting the essay
Make sure you get your ideas straight first. Think strategically about yourself. Do not worry about format, spelling, or grammar. Write down what naturally comes to you. However, sometimes we take our experiences for granted thinking that reader understands the underlying intricacies of these experiences. Explain everything in your own words, no need to use too fancy and clever words.
5. Think carefully about the structure of the application.
It needs a thoughtful, interest-grabbing introduction, a main body explaining why you have chosen this course, research topic, or university, few examples from the personal experience and a conclusion. Get help with copy-editing, which means working with the stylistic details of your writing, refining sentence structure and deciding what words best fit. Be sure to proofread and utilize tutor’s help in the writing center and other library resources.
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