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Local Goverment Scholarship

Anhui Government Scholarship

In order to encourage more outstanding international students to pursue a higher education in Anhui, facilitate the internationalization of the higher education institutions in Anhui, Anhui Municipal Government launches the Anhui Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship.
Prorams Scholarship (RMB/Year)
PhD 50000
Master 30000
Bachelor 20000
If the students fail in the exam during studying in HSU, or break the laws, or disobey the rules and regulations of HSU, the scholarship will be cancelled automatically.
 Application deadline: 10 June
Categories of applicants:
This program sponsors international students who apply to study or have studied undergraduate or postgraduate programs in institutions of higher learning of Anhui Province (except those who have been sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship Programs).
Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Level 5 or over 210 points in New HSK Level 4)
Those unqualified ones in the HSK TEST need to take Chinese language training courses first for a year in AUFE. The tuition of Chinese language learning is 12000yuan/year. After students pass the HSK test, they can continue apply for the Government Scholarships.
Age Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree Student: not more than 28 years old.
Application and Assessment:
1. Scholarship quota is allocated by Anhui Provincial Department of Education to institutions of higher learning in Anhui recruiting international students at the end of November.
2. Colleges and Universities in Anhui recruit eligible international students or organize eligible international students at school to apply for the scholarship according to specified quota. Pre-admission lists should be submitted to the provincial department of education before Mid-June.
3. The Provincial Department of Education shall organize experts to conduct the assessment and send the result to each college or university at the end of June.
4. The Provincial Department of Education shall allot funds to each college or university according to the actual number of international students winning the scholarship in September. The scholarship shall be given to students by the school.
5. If the holder of the scholarship breaks rules, laws or regulations, the school shall report the infringement to the Provincial Department of Education to stop offering scholarship to that student.
6. The school should make a comprehensive assessment on holders of the scholarship to determine whether they are qualified to gain the scholarship in the next year. The result should be submitted to the Provincial Department of Education before the end of May in written form.
Application documents:
Applicants must provide the following documents:
1. Application Form for Anhui Government Scholarship for International Students
2. Copy of Passport
3. Notarized highest diploma
4. Academic and school performance transcripts
5. Original recommendation letters