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More Opportunities, Better Career

Why Ni Hao China?

Our advantages are shown in each step of application, choosing Ni Hao China means more

opportunities to study in China and makes you have a better career.

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Application Process

Apply All by Yourself
1. Possibility of not knowing or missing the deadline.
2. Documents preparation could be rough.
3. No professional consultant to evaluate your academic performance, offering no insights into universities’ programs that you intend to apply for.
4. Difficulties involved in sending your application documents to the various universities by
With Other Agencies
1. Limited knowledge on how to polish the applicant’s application and academic background.
2. A lack of updated information on the latest policy-changes will significantly reduce the possibility of getting into the dream university, let alone winning a scholarship.
With Ni Hao China
1. It’s our job to track your application status and keep you updated.
2. Our experienced consultants are always there to assist and help you, offering insights on how to best prepare your application and help boost the odds of getting a scholarship for you.
3. It’s our responsibility to send out the package of your documents and to assure it gets to the right place.

Accommodation Arrangement

Visa-Application Preparation

Apply All by Yourself

1. Confused by the different kinds of visas, and not knowing what to bring with or how to prepare for a visa interview.

2. A decline for the visa inquiry.

With Other Agencies

1. Only information on different types of Visas provided.

2. The applicant receives no step-by-step training on how to prepare themselves for a successful interview.

3. The applicants will not obtain further assistance if their interview goes unsuccessful.

With Ni Hao China

1. Our agency will prepare you for the visa interview.

2. We will make it easy for you to gather all the necessary documents.

3. By exploiting our connections with the Chinese Embassy in your country, Ni Hao China can significantly boost the odds of success in visa application.

Pre-departure Preparation

Arrival and pick-up services

Apply All by Yourself
It can be difficult for you to take a taxi from the airport depending on whether it is raining or the time of the day, this can take over 1 hour to wait. Plus, drivers might charge you extra fee, which will add up and become an expensive fee.
With Other Agencies
1. Students often loose contacts and get stranded at the airport.
2. Helping the students to get registered for all forms of registration is not guaranteed.
With Ni Hao China
1. Ni Hao China airport pick-up service team will be there to send you to your University on time upon arrival.
2. Ni Hao China will dedicate a service team member to help you through all forms of registration including bank account opening and giving you guidance about how to settle in China.