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Scholarship Application Service

With an increase of foreign students applying to China, more and more students would like scholarships, and there is an increasing number of scholarships available. There are over 50,000 scholarships for foreign students each year in China, and scholarships normally include full tuition fees for the program, accommodation on campus, monthly living expenses and comprehensive insurance.
Learn more about all types of Chinese scholarships.
Why do you need our scholarship application service?
1. The application process for scholarships can be difficult to understand. There are numbers of steps required to complete and if documents aren’t prepared correctly or there is an error in the application documents, then your application will normally be rejected right away;
2. A large amount of students are applying for the scholarships every year, it is very difficult for the scholarship committee to notify students individually. If your scholarship application is not successful, normally you will not be notified.
What can we offer?
With Ni Hao China, our scholarship service team is ready to help students polish their research proposal, motivational letter, show their academic achievements and talents, establish effective communication with the admission officer to secure the scholarship, which usually would take a lot of time, energy and effort. In this case, we are more than pleased to help you analyze the outcome, find out the weakest links of your application, and make all our efforts to get a scholarship for each of our applicants because we listen and understand what our clients really need.
Ni Hao China Scholarship Service Team provides you Scholarship Application Service which includes:
1. Assistance with filling out Applicant Information Form, which makes scholarship consultant know all your academic background to provide you with the best service when applying, and providing you with Examination Service to evaluate your ability and language proficiency. If our scholarship service team believes you have more than 80% chance to get scholarship after a serious evaluation, we will provide you scholarship application service; 
2. You will have your own personal and experienced consultant of our scholarship service team who will provide professional and one on one service, answer all your questions and give a professional advice for your scholarship application on each step of the process;
3. Ni Hao China has an accurate, updated database up to thousands of scholarship programs, which makes it easy for students to make a choice in a comparison. Based on your requirements, financial status and your city preference, scholarship consultant will make an effective application plan for you. It may allow you to choose 5 scholarship programs at most and to put all our efforts to get at least one Admission Letter successfully. If you have a very special request to get a scholarship for a certain university in China, you can mention it to our scholarship service team;
4. Assistance with filling up the application form, improving your application documents, especially recommendation letters, motivational letter and the study plan, which can make your application more successful and competitive. The scholarship consultant will make sure everything is right in your documents, guide and inform you if there is anything to correct, in advance.
5. Sending the application documents to preferred universities and recommending you to the admission officers.
6. Application speed-up, short response time and fast tracking of your application.
7. Re-confirming your posting address with you to ensure that you can get your originals by post mail, once we get the admission documents from the university. Our consultant will send the admission letter and JW202 form to the students for free through DHL, UPS, or FedEx to ensure the fastest express package service so it reaches the students within the shortest amount of time.
1. If your scholarship is not successful, we will submit your application for other available scholarships until you are accepted.
2. We offer our scholarship application service to only 200 students each year. This will be on a first come, first served basis. So, grab your chance now and don´t waste another year to enroll.
3. Pre-admission letter. We will help you to apply for the pre-admission letter. This letter will make sure that you can be accepted to the university whether you get scholarship or not.
4. Most of Chinese scholarships are processed for September intake, and March intake has not so many.
5. After you have gotten the scholarship confirmed, you can choose one of our Student Care Service Packages (Basic, Priority or VIP), or select any of our student care services as you wish.
Scholarship Application Service Fee
Before we provide you our scholarship application service, you need to pay 1000 USD for a partial scholarship and 3000 USD for a full scholarship in advance, as our scholarship application service fee. 

1. Our scholarship service team believes you have 99% chance of getting a scholarship when we provide you with the scholarship application service. Only if our scholarship consulting team thinks you are academically qualified. 
2. The application fee charged by the universities for applying (normally between $65-$150 USD for one university) is non-refundable and charged by universities, and is included in the scholarship application service fee.
3. If your scholarship application has failed, we will refund you the service fee without the application fee for the universities. 

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If you require any assistance or have any questions about payment please contact us and our consultant can answer your questions.

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