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application deadline has passed

The application deadline has passed, you can contact our experienced consultants to make an appointment or search the available courses.

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With Ni Hao China, consider the following methods to make your service fee and university application fee payments easily. Your application will ONLY be processed after you have finished with your service and application fees’ payments. We advise that you make your payments as soon as possible to facilitate and start your application process.

For any assistance to make your university application fee’s payment, kindly contact us.


1. Ni Hao China will assist you with detailed procedures and methods that the university provides when you need any help in the process of paying the tuition fee and accommodation fee.

2. Please pay attention to the payment methods listed below for your fees’ payment. Fees paid using any other methods will not be considered;

3. Please be sure NOT to make a payment to any agent for university application fee or Ni Hao China service fee.

To make a payment please follow the 7 methods below.

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