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Accommodation Reservation Service

The reasons why you need our service:
·       Not familiar with the accommodation of an university and have no idea about which dorm type to choose;
·       A lot of students can’t live on campus, because accommodations, especially in metropolises, are always in high demand;
·       Difficult to book your preferred accommodation because the time difference.
Therefore, it is highly recommended that you reserve your dorm through our Smart Accommodation Arrangement System once your Letter of Admission is issued. Ni Hao China will inform you about your application status immediately after we receive your Letter of Admission.
Smart Accommodation Arrangement System:
1. Gives you our suggestion on choosing the best accommodation for you, and we guarantee you can get your preferred accommodation;
2. Accommodation on campus is guaranteed;
3. Accommodation transfer is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with your current one.
4. You might find yourself in awkward position not having a place to live on campus if you do not make a reservation on time or fail to register as recommended. You are more than welcomed to contact us for help. And we will do our best to help you by making full use of our connections at the university.
5. Some universities adopt the “First come, first served” rule when it comes to assigning the dorms. In this case, it is advised to come earlier and queue before the registration starts to secure your preferred dorm. We will inform you if your university falls into this category.
The student care service team can begin to make your dorm reservation after you contact us. Usually, the dorm will be assigned to you in about one working day. Ni Hao China will either email or call you to inform about the result as soon as we receive it from the university. You are advised to log in your account and double check your dorm’s assignment status to see if there are any changes before you take off and leave for China.
Living off-campus
‘Yes’ to all those who wish to live off-campus, but it would be quite challenging for you to start as most Chinese people do not speak or understand English and you shall experience difficulties communicating with your neighbors and the owner of the apartment. We can also help you with renting a room, and signing the contract with the landlord, but it is totally your responsibility to follow the rules and make necessary payments as first deposit. If you break rules of the contract, the circumstances are also your responsibility as follows. Therefore, we recommend you live on campus when you are still at the early stage of Chinese language learning.  
Service Fee
For students who apply through Ni Hao China: Free
For students who have applied by other methods: 50 USD.
For helping you with renting a room off-campus: 50 USD.
Make a Payment
If you require any assistance or have any questions about payment please contact us and our consultant can answer your questions.
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