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A Letter to All Students Applying for Universities in China

Writer:Ni Hao China April 08, 2020


​Greetings from Beijing, the heart of China! As the notorious Coronavirus epidemic is effectively being contained and most of the patients have been discharged, China is now just one step short of declaring a complete elimination of the lethal threat which has plaguing the country for months since the outbreak in December 2019. 


China has taken a heavy hit by the Coronavirus. Yet, the country remains strong, resilient and ready to offer help to people whose lives deeply affected by the pandemic outside China. While you are bombarded by the news headlines about the rampant spread of COVID-19, there is some local news here in China which we would like to share with you: the Chinese economy will continue to grow faster, when compared with the rest of the world; and the country will be more open to the world as the Ministry of Justice and National Immigration Administration is revising their policies to make it easier for foreigners in certain profession sresiding in China to apply for a PR (Permanent Residence). 


This is not just an opportunity to come, explore and experience the richness of the Chinese culture, but also a genuine invitation for you to stay, build a career and start possibly a new family after you graduate from a prestigious university in China. 


Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to re-launch our enrollment programs for the 2020 Autumn Intake as things are being put back on track, with hundreds of degree/non-degree programs available in up to 100 first-tier universities in China. 


Come and join us to see if you could survive the toughest competitions to be admitted to one of the elite universities with scholarships in China. We welcome all talents around globe with open arms because we truly believe that you can make a difference here in China, the frontline of both social and technological innovation; and we stand ready to offer financial assistance to those who academically represent the best of the country they originate from. 


In view of the recent global Coronavirus pandemic, you are advised to take pre-cautions and refrain yourself from going out unless it is absolutely necessary, since it would definitely impede your applications. 


Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries concerning degree/non-degree programs for the 2020 Autumn Intake. Act now before it is too late to submit your application. 


Dear students, friends, thank you for your support since day one when we founded Ni Hao China. Words alone cannot fully express our gratitude to you all in times of crisis. May you all stay healthy and safe. 



For more universities, please visit our website 






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