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Local Goverment Scholarship

Guizhou Government Scholarship

Full Scholarship
Programs Categories and Duration
Category Duration of Major Study Duration of Chinese
Language Study
Doctoral Programs 3-4 Years ≤1 Year
Master Programs 2-3 Years ≤1 Year
Bachelor Programs 4-5 Years ≤1 Year
Vocational Education Programs 3 Years ≤1 Year
Full Scholarship Coverage
①A waiver of tuition fees
②Free on-campus dormitory accommodation
③Free Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China
④Living allowance
CNY 1,000 per month for Vocational Education Programs and Bachelor Programs
CNY 1,200 per month for Master Programs
CNY 1,500 per month for Doctoral Programs
Scholarship holders staying in host universities/colleges for less than 15 days of one month will only be granted half of living allowance of that month.
Full   scholarship   will   be   given   all   through   the   duration   of   major   studies   in   host universities/colleges.
Full scholarship holders will be subjected to annual review, and failure to pass the review will result in scholarship cancellation.
Partial Scholarship
Category Duration of Scholarship Scholarship standard
Doctoral Programs 1 Year CNY 20,000 per year
Master Programs 1 Year CNY 15,000 per year
Bachelor Programs 1 Year CNY 10,000 per year
Vocational Education Programs 1 Year CNY 6,000 per year
General Scholar Programs
(Including Chinese Language Programs)
1 Year CNY 6,000 per year
Partial Scholarship Coverage
①A waiver  of  20%-60%  of  tuition  fees  for  one  academic  year  (vary  according  to  individual institutions)
②Free on-campus dormitory accommodation for one academic year
③Free Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China for one academic year.

Applicant must be a citizen of a Southeast Asia country, hold a passport of a Southeast Asia country, be in good health and be friendly to China, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and obey school rules and regulations. In addition, applicant must also be excellent in academics, and has extraordinary all-rounder qualities.
Doctoral Programs: Applicant must hold at least a master’s degree or above, and shall be no older than 40;
Master Programs: Applicant must be at least a university graduate or above, and shall be no older than 35;
Bachelor Programs and Vocational Education Programs: Applicant must hold at least senior high school education background, and shall be no older than 30;
General  Scholar  Programs: Applicant  must be  at least a  university  graduate  or  enrolled university sophomore or higher, and shall be no older than 50; for Chinese Language learners, senior high school education background with age no older than 60 could be acceptable;
Applicant for full scholarship will take priority when holding valid HSK certificates. Applicant without valid HSK certificates shall take a maximum of one-year Chinese language study. For majors taught in English, there is no rigorous requirement on applicants’ Chinese language proficiency.
Applicant who is already granted with any form of China’s national government reward or aid will not be supported by this Scholarship.
Application Documents
Guizhou Government Scholarship Application Form (in Chinese or English);
Photocopy of passport and highest diploma;
Academic transcripts;
Photocopy of physical examination certificate;
Study Plan (no less than 400 words) or Research Plan (no less than 800 words) must be submitted for Doctoral or Master’s degree programs applicants;
Applicants under the age of 18 must submit the valid documents photocopy of their legal guardians in China;
Applicants with HSK Certificate should enclose its photocopy in the application package;
Documents in language other than Chinese or English must be attached with translation in Chinese or English.