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New Students Orientation Week Service Package

If you have never studied or travelled abroad, getting started in such a big country might be a little challenging that’s why we developed this “New Students Orientation Week Service Package”. With this package you can get a quick start and enjoy China as much as possible.
Our Team Member’s assignment (can be Chinese or international student) to help with the following steps:
1. Welcome package includes your city map, university guide, metro card, and many others;
2. Get a SIM card. It is required by the Chinese authority you with a cellphone should sign up for the service plan using your real name;
3. Apply for opening a bank account, Ni Hao China will be at your service when you need to go to a bank, create a bank account and have your money exchanged;
4. Introduction to international students’ communities in your study city;
5. WeChat, Alipay, Taobao (e-commerce platform) accounts setup for your future convenience as online commerce and payment platforms are very essential in China;
6. Introduce you to download necessary Apps.
Our team member will be your guide, interpreter and a friend who will share his or her knowledge about living in China and will get you on track in no time. This is a perfect way to start adopting, making new friends, expanding your network, preparing for new semester, and new life.
Service Fee: 80 USD
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