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Ni Hao China Outstanding Scholarship

This scholarship was established exclusively to encourage international students with an excellent academic performance, unique talent and potential, to apply through Ni Hao China. This scholarship will reward excellent and talented students with 100 USD every month for one year, which is 1200 USD in total.
It will cover or supplement your monthly expenses because at Ni Hao China we consider that students’ hard work and ambitions should be rewarded and encouraged. The scholarship will be granted based on Ni Hao China’s independent assessment of each applicant. We want to encourage all students around the globe to do their best and push their limits.
Number of scholarships: 3
Value: 1200 USD.
Eligibility Requirements:
1. Applicants who apply through Ni Hao China.
2. Applicants with excellent grades, potential and unique talents.
3. Non-Chinese citizens in good health.
4. Consent with all the laws and regulations of China and university’s regulations.
Application Deadline:
June 1st every year.
Application procedure:
1. Apply through Ni Hao China for any course or program at any Chinese university, and complete the application process.
2. Fill out Ni Hao China’s Scholarship Application Form.
3. Sign Ni Hao China’s contract.
Application Materials:
1. Scholarship Application Form
2. Photocopy of the Admission Letter from the university.
3. Photocopy of valid passport.
4. A certificate of highest education with academic transcripts, both notarized.
5. Study and career plan.
6. Two recommendation letters.
NOTE: All materials should be sent to scholarship@nihaochina.com.cn and applicant’s consultant.
Terms and conditions:
1. Ni Hao China’s Scholarship Service Team has the right to make the decision and consider applicant’s transcripts and materials in its own selective way.
2. Applicants who violate or has broken China’s law or university’s regulations will not be qualified for the scholarship.
3. Applicants who are applying for Ni Hao China’s Outstanding Student Scholarship are also eligible to apply for any other scholarships, but can’t be awarded Ni Hao China’s Outstanding Student Scholarship again if they’ve already been awarded before.
4. Ni Hao China reserves the final right to interpret or change the detailed rules of implementation.  
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