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Priority Service Package

The authentic personally-tailored package for each individual to start applying and studying in Chinese University!
 Priority Service Package is a personalized, one on one and face-to-face service with a consultant provided, an Admission-Guarantee, Dorm-Guarantee, and Airport Pick-up Services with many more benefits provided. It doesn’t only include all the services of the Ni Hao China’s “Basic Service Package but also includes the service specially tailored for your own requirements, needs and desires, including such as a certain university’s Admission Letter-Guarantee specially requested by you! You can see the whole list of services provided below. 
Your application will automatically include Basic Service Package.
Ni Hao China Admission Service Team provides you Priority Application Service which includes:
1. Admission & JW202 guarantee. It may allow you to choose 5 universities & programs at most and guarantees you to get at least one Admission Letter successfully. If you have a very special request for getting Admission Letter & JW202 for a certain university in China, you can mention it to our admission service team;
2. You will have your own personal and experienced consultant who will provide personalized, one on one and face-to-face service for your application;
3. Assistance with filling out Applicant Information Form, which makes the consultant know all your academic background to provide you with the best service when applying;
4. Providing you with Examination Service to evaluate your ability and language proficiency. We will send you a practice exam by mail to make sure you are ready for the real one;
5. Making an effective application plan based on your requirements and desires, and improving the plan with your feedback;
6. Assistance with improving your application documents, especially recommendation letters and the study plan, which can make your application more successful and competitive;
7. Application speed-up, short response time and fast tracking of your application, you may get your Admission Letter in 24-72 hours for some universities.
1.We strongly recommend you to select our priority service package if you want to apply for MBBS, MBA, Engineering and PhD programs, because application process and requirements of these programs are more difficult and with limited number of seats available for international students.
2. You can take part in the Entrance Examination for certain Chinese universities at our Regional Examination Center if you are in south-east countries. It can save time, money and more convenient for you to pass the entrance examination. The score is one year valid and admitted by certain Chinese universities. (Entrance Examination Fee: 100 USD).
3. If you need our Recommendation Letter Service, Study Plan Service or Documents Translation Service, please mention it to your personal consultant.
Ni Hao China Student Care Service Team provides you Priority Student Care Service Package which includes:
1. Accommodation on campus guarantee. The student care service team can begin your dorm reservation after you contact us. Usually, the dorm will be assigned to you in about one working day. Ni Hao China will either email or call you to inform about the result as soon as we receive it from the university;
2. Student Visa guarantee. Helping students to be familiar with all the procedures and contents about visa materials and visa interview to leave a good first impression on the interviewer. Giving detailed instructions and personalized tips about what the visa officer will ask you, and how to reply them in a proper way to avoid being refused by China Embassy in issuing you a student visa;
3. Pre-departure Online Preparation. Besides Pre-departure Guidebook, our consultant will assist you, check and make sure you prepared everything very well;
4. Airport Pick-Up Service. With experience in doing airport pick-up, most students have chosen our service because it is obvious for one to find himself/herself exhausted, even disoriented after taking a long-haul flight, feeling unable to find your way to the university. To ease the pain and discomforts, we are pleased to offer airport pick-up service to all, because we believe the “last mile to destination” matters;
5. Handy Registration Service. Worried about the language barrier that might ruin your big day of registration? Feel relaxed as our student care service team will introduce you the Handy Registration Service which provides you with our team member to facilitate and smooth the long and often tedious process;
6. New Students’ Orientation Week Service Package. Our student care service team will be your guide, interpreter and a friend who will share his or her knowledge about living in China and will get you on track in no time. This is a perfect way to start adopting, making new friends, expanding your network, preparing for new semester, and new life.
1. "Priority Service Package" provides students with opportunity for applying to Ni Hao China Outstanding Student Scholarship in order to bring more academically gifted students to express their potential in China.
2. Please note you will still need to pay the application fee charged by universities for applying (normally between $65-$150 USD).
3. If you want to get access to Top 30 Best Universities in China, Top 3 Best Majors, and Admission letter guarantee for it, then you might consider choosing Ni Hao China VIP Service Package. You will be assigned our most qualified and experienced consultant to handle all aspects of your enrollment into a Chinese university. VIP Service is totally tailored and personalized service to your requirements and desires, which makes applying, arriving and staying in China as successful as possible.
Priority Service Package Fee: 600 USD, which includes:
1. Priority Application Service Fee: 230 USD;
2. Priority Student Care Service Package Fee: 370 USD (Accommodation 50 USD, Student Visa 50 USD, Pre-departure Preparation 30 USD, Airport Pick-Up 80 USD, Registration 80 USD, New Students’ Orientation Week 80 USD).
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